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Smooth concrete sleepers

Enhance your modern aesthetic with our distinct Smooth Concrete Sleepers. This design not only adds a touch of sleekness to your outdoor space, but it also works well under a Colorbond fence. Their versatility makes them the perfect match for any garden design. Plus, they’re not just for show! They are engineered to last as retaining walls and are reinforced with double 12mm steel bars. 

We stock these sleepers in Natural, Charcoal, Tan and Beach .

Sealing with clear concrete sealer is an option once your wall is installed. By sealing the sleepers it will enhance the colour and protect it from possible staining.

Engineer reports are available and we can also recommend installation companies (see our installers page) who can provide a retaining wall quotation for you.

why buy our sleepers?

At Concrete Sleepers Canberra, we proudly manufacture all our products at our own Hume factory with our unique manufacturing techniques, allowing us to provide a consistent, quality product.

We have had our sleepers designed by a structural engineer to ensure that maximum strength, durability and longevity is achieved to meet Australian standards.


How concrete sleeper Retaining walls go together

Concrete sleepers are very easy to install yourself, however feel free to ask our helpful team for installation techniques. With a wide range of options, including posts covers to match the sleeper pattern you choose, we are bound to be able to give your project the look you want!

A sleeper wall that looks great and will NEVER ROT!

Concrete Sleeper Walls are a unique product that combines the strength and durability of concrete with the beauty of a rock face finish.

When using Smooth Sleepers in a retaining wall, its best to use hot-dip galvanised steel posts. They come in a range of joiner, end & corner sections making it easy to install.

Cleaning concrete sleepers

When concrete sleepers get wet from rain, dew, or frost, they might develop a white powder called efflorescence on the surface. This happens because the water evaporates and draws out some salts and lime from the concrete. But don’t worry, it’s normal for concrete to do this. You can remove the efflorescence by washing the sleepers with an acid solution.

Concrete sleepers can be cleaned with 20 to 1 water to hydrochloric acid solution. Wet down sleepers first. Use a broom to apply the solution to the sleepers. Apply the solution to the whole area so the concrete stays consistent. Be sure to cover up so acid doesn’t go on you. The stronger the solution, the coarser the sleepers’ finish will become. Use lots of water to wash down the cleaned area.

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