Importers & Wholesalers of Retaining wall steel

when you buy steel from uprite steel you are buying direct

All our steel has been engeneered for retaining walls

Grade: AS3679.1                 Zinc Coating: Min 600gm as per AS4680

we mainly stock 100UC & 150UC but can get any size galvanised post to suit your engineers requirements.

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step down brackets 

New top caps


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 Packing wedges
Black 25mm 25 pack $25.00
Green 15mm 50 pack $31.50

Uprite Steel specialise in hot-dipped galvanised steel H beam, C beam, 90 degree & 45 degree posts used when building a sleeper retaining wall. Simply Installed by concreting your posts in the ground & by slideing your sleepers in to your post makes it a D.I.Y friendly system, our steel has been structurally engineered to suit retaining walls up to 1.8 meters high, its a system designed to last. We can transport posts Australia wide and have a truck that go’s to Sydney daily.

We stock a large amount of posts pre-cut to sizes


 150UC 30


Our steel posts have been specially made and hot-dip galvanised to last,for the purpose of structural retaining walls, Engineering approval for steel posts and fencing brackets.


please note post heights are guide only different soil types could result in using revised post lengths.