We recommend using Crommelin clear sealer in Satin finish

sealed sle

Coverage rates may vary 6L will cover two coats 18-30sm approximately 40-50 concrete sleepers

Apply sealer using a large brush or spray gun. Be aware sealing your sleepers will change there appearance its best to try a small patch first to be sure you will be happy with the new look.


Preparing Concrete Sleepers For Sealing

Concrete Sleepers can be cleaned with 1 to 1 water & Efflorescence Remover if you have heavy efflorescence and staining use solution straight out of the bottle. Wet down sleepers first. Use a broom or brush to apply the solution to the Sleepers. Apply the solution to the whole area so the concrete stays consistent. The stronger the solution, the coarser the Sleepers finish will become. Use lots of water to wash down cleaned area.