The Hampton Concrete Sleepers

Durable, Easy to Install, Stylish, Designed By Engineers, Australian MadeTha Hampton concrete sleepers give the impression of stacked blocks, They are a classy sleeper and seem to sell well in Coastal Areas probably because of the beach look. They are very popular and will go with almost any setting, They are structurally engineered for retaining walls, steel reinforced with two 12mm steel bars, With a choice of 2 colours available the colour oxide is mixed right through the concrete. Sealing with clear concrete sealer is an option once your wall is installed by sealing the sleepers it will enhance the colour and protect it from possible staining.Engineer reports are available and we can also recommend installation companies (see our installers page) who can provide a retaining wall quotation for you.

Why use concrete sleepers?                                                                              

  • last considerably longer than timber walls
  • are maintenance free
  • will not rot, burn, warp, split or flake and are termite resistant
  • provide structural strength and stability on all types of land
  • Environmentally Friendly


please note: concrete sleepers vary in length, do not concrete your steel posts in until you have your sleepers on site.

The Hampton
Beach – 2000x197x80 $60.80

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Charcoal – 2000x197x80   $56.80 

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How concrete sleeper retaining walls go together

Just concrete your posts in the ground and slide your sleepers into the posts its that simple no bolts or screws required!

Concrete Sleepers are very easy to install yourself, or feel free to ask our helpful team with installation techniques. With a wide range of options including posts covers to match the sleeper pattern you choose, we are bound to be able to give your project the look you want!

A Sleeper Wall that looks great and will NEVER ROT!

Concrete Sleeper Walls are a unique product that combines the strength and durability of concrete with the beauty of a rockface finish.

When using Hampton sleepers in a retaining wall its best to use hot-dip galvanised steel posts, They come in a range of Joiner, end & corner sections witch will make it easy to install.



Sometimes efflorescence may appear (white powder) after rain or heavy dew and frost. It is caused by the water evaporating out of the Concrete Sleepers and drawing salts and lime from the chemical composition of the concrete to the surface it is a natural thing concrete does, It is easily removed by washing the Concrete Sleepers Down with an acid solution.

Concrete Sleepers can be cleaned with 20 to 1 water to hydrochloric acid solution. Wet down sleepers first. Use a broom to apply the solution to the Sleepers. Apply the solution to the whole area so the concrete  stays consistent. Be sure to cover up so acid doesn’t go on you. The stronger the solution, the coarser the Sleepers finish will become. Use lots of water to wash down cleaned area.